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by kimntrent on January 26, 2010

Ever wonder how you can go to Disney for pennies on the dollar?  I don’t anymore I just have to wonder why I haven’t looked into this sooner.  So after checking out this fan page on Facebook Couponing to Disney I decided to check out her blog.  Now I am not one to take away from my bargin finding but I do have to share a place where I feel like a person is doing some good in life.  When my husband was laid off it seemed like getting away was all I wanted to do.  But with no money I couldn’t realize my goal.  I turned to Sunshine more and I turned to couponing more.  Because of this I was able to earn rewards points on my purchases and put it towards different things.  I actually bought all my baby room furniture on sunshine money I earned.  So when I found Couponing to Disney I noticed I wasn’t alone.  With over 3000 followers on FB alone I was really not alone.  What was her secret?  Pride!  Over all Pride!  We can be selfish about where we earn cash or we can share with the world what we have earned.  I dare each of you to share what you have earned.  How did you get there?  Would anyone want to do a rewards site sound off?  Lets see how rewards sites have impaced our life.  Check out this blog it is one you need to read day after day.

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