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by kimntrent on December 22, 2009

Hey remember me?  I am that crazy chick that finds you all the great offers.  Well….  I found another one.  It isn’t like some of them I have found but I think it is a pretty cool offer.  Especially if you have loved ones over seas or if you call a lot of international places and such.  Right now Pingo is offering to try them out for $1.00.  You get $5.00 worth of calling for $1.00.  So I thought hmmm lets check it out.  I went in and put in the offer code of (onebuck) into Pingo and then I signed up for $5.00 and I opted to take it out of my paypal account.  Not knowing until after the fact about their reputation which might I add is killer I guess.  Awesome communication which is lacking in most companies.  I went through all the steps read how to cancel it which is really easy all you have to do is write a request either by mail or by email and I opted for non automatic renewal that way I knew it wasn’t coming out all the time if I wasn’t using it.  And boom I paid $1.00 for my deal.  So I got an email to confirm my information and it was that easy.  All done within just a few minutes and well worth it.  Better yet if you are a Sunshine rewards member and you try this offer you get $7.50 in your account for doing it.  But even if you aren’t take advantage of the really great deal.  Remember people overseas love these and it gives them a chance to call home.  And lets not forget about traveling.  And kids traveling.  All worth it.  You can use with Cell Phones, you can use with land lines.  Check it out and  don’t wait I don’t know how long it is going to last.

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