How can a Day be Good when all You hear is Bad

by kimntrent on January 14, 2009

How can this be?  When all you hear every day is how bad the economy is and how bad the global warming is and how bad the world is in general how can you make a day good?  How can you survive rithg now when your husband is unemployed and you are living paycheck to paycheck to make ends meet?  There are so many of us out there and I read about more and more every single day.  And it isn’t just here in the US.  I have friends in Canada that are affected by everything too.  Well my goals in 2009 have been much different then most.  I don’t pray a lot on stupid stuff.  I don’t feel that wasting my prayers that way will benefit me at all.  Whatever happens happens and we have tomorrow to fix it.  But I wanted tos hare with you some of the things that I have been doing to try to make my days better.

1. log onto sunshine, is there a paid click can I scratch off for up to .03?  Are there any new offers to do or any offers that are crediting well all of a sudden?  How about a survey that will come up for me?

2. We have three mypoints accounts between hubby and I.  He has two one for work and one for home.  So we rotate like last night I did all my emails tonight I will do all his personal emails.  It makes cashing out for a $10 gas card or $10 at Target for TP a little faster.

3. Do I have any inboxdollars emails that I would like to do?  They only pay like .02 each but .02 each adds up and you are able to cash out for cash.  And the referral cash you make is really nice too.

4. Lastly have I gotten a mysurvey or erewards today?  If so I cash out mysurvey when it hits 1000 for 10.00 and erewards you can get various gift cards and miles for airlines and hotels.

By doing all of the above each day I find that I only spend about 1/2 hour doing it and I have in January been able to earn almost $100 on Sunshine and I just redeemed for a $10 starbucks gift card.

So how are you going to make your day brighter?  You can sign up for sunshine to the right of this blog and you can always ask for a referral for the rest.

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