Swing Sets for the Backyard

by kimntrent on August 25, 2008

My in laws have no kids, yet they want to replace their swing sets.  I don’t know why but I am gonna go along with it.  Especially if it means that I may potentially get something out of the deal.  I know it sounds bad but I am trying to go to Disney for free next year.  So why not.  Well I found this place that has these really cool swing sets made out of cedar and these really cool swing sets that have like the whole tree house action going on.  I wanted to share it here with you before I shared it with them.  A lot of the people who read my blog along with others here on Chatty Women have kids and if I can help one of you out then I am sure gonna try.  I know summer is almost over for some parts of the US but our hottest days are still to come.  Prime swing set time here.

Until next time….

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