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by kimntrent on August 18, 2008

I so love reading the Net Worth blogs on Chatty Women and I thought I would share with you my Net Worth.  Now if you blink you will miss it.  LOL!  Actually right now my husband is transitioning from a Union Organizer which put so much stress on his life I could hardly stand living with him most of the time.  They were the biggest bunch of ….. you have ever worked with in your life and there was no way they were doing anything to benefit the union carpenters here in Northern CA.  If anything they were making it harder for them to stay employed.  So now he is going into the Fire Service full time and that is a very time consuming and challenging job seeking process.  But it is all going to be great once it is done.  Until that happens though we are living on his unemployment of $810 every two weeks and then my checks of about $1100 every two weeks.  Money is tight but it is all good.  Right now as it stands here is my net worth information.

401K and Pensions from his previous job $100,000 ish

My IRA $1500.00

ING Savings $10.00

Redwood Credit Union Savings $100.00

2 Savings Bonds at $50.00 each

Sunshine Rewards $287.00

Debt is close to $20,000 including both cars and the vacuum. 

Hubby needs new running shoes, cashed out on 3 mypoints accounts last night for 2 $25.00 gift cards and 1 $10.00 gift card for Foot Locker.

Overall view at 31 years old is we got lots of money for retirement right now.  Far more then most people our age.  However, right now we got nada.  LOL!

Until next time…..

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