The search for Infant Accessories

by kimntrent on June 7, 2008

Recently I spend my nights check out Etsy and all its wares.  I sell on there myself but I find that if I don’t know what other people are selling then I can’t better my own things.  Especially with all the competition out there.  I find that it costs me an arm and a leg to go out and purchase at a store and the cuteness and quality just isn’t the same.  While I was looking the other day I realized that the little guy my mom babysits is lacking some cute accessories.  You know cute booties and bibs and such.  So I thought I would share with all of you the things I found.  Maybe you will find something too. 

First Jax is quite the boy.  And these just fit his personality to a t.  I love that she makes all of these booties.  Dad is always seen wearing funky socks so these cute funky slippers are perfect for him.

I also loved these bibs.  They have just enough attitude to them.  Turtles are worth mentioning as well.  They are so cute but not really an accessory. 

And man does he have his share of cool tee shirts.  I love the one he wears that says “Ladies Man”.  This store reminded me of all the cute cool shirts he has.  Dad was totally stoked over this one.

And lastly check out the necktie bibs on there.  You always go out now your little guy can dress up too.  I thought these were way too cool.

Another site that I found before but now can’t find had baby leg warmers.  They were pretty cool.  Overall I can say that in the future Jax is going to be dressed so well without even leaving my bed.

Until next time…. 

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sara June 8, 2008 at 12:01 pm

I’m in love with the kid’s toys on Etsy. I belong to a team, NaturalKids, and the work is amazing.

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