Penny for my Thoughts Review: Uber

by hedy on March 15, 2014

So, remember when I tried Hailo* in September and it failed?  I tried Uber in NYC this past weekend, I I loved it!  I had a $10 promo code courtesy of Tricia.  It really is as easy as it sounds:  I just opened the app on my phone, requested a car, and I was told the type of car, name, and licence plate of the car which would be picking me up.  I could estimate the cost of my Uber ride ahead of time.

However, where Uber really won my loyalty was when I had an issue-I was going to X0th st, but the driver tried to take me to XXth st.  When I rated the ride, I gave the driver 3 stars.  Uber contacted me, and after checking the records (they track the cars on GPS), I got a refund.

If you want to try Uber, use my code of wzb1p and you’ll get $20 free off your first ride!

*Hailo appears to have gotten better, but Uber was so awesome that I stuck with them :) .

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