I got a free haircut today…

by hedy on January 13, 2014

led and I couldn;t be happer.  Grad school has put a crimp on my pricey haircuts a couple tmes a year.  When my greys got too much too handle, I tried deflowering my hair with a glaze at a bargain salon.  However, I made the mistake of having my hair cut at the same time.  The layers were wonky.

I debating shelling out for another cut, but I decided to hop on Craigslist.  I found a Bumble and Bumble salon in a suburb.  I was unsure what to expect (and read posts like whoa).

It was great.  I’d e-mailed with what I wanted/was thinking of), they said ok.

I ended up with what I suggested, although I was open.  The process was long, but a supervisor over saw the whole thing.

Have you ever done a free cut?  Would you?

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