Guest post: Brazilian Portuguese is easy to learn if you have the right tools

by hedy on August 28, 2013

Brazilian Portuguese is one of the easiest languages in the world to learn and speak if you have the correct program or teacher. I thought that I would never get around to speaking another language and certainly not one that was as difficult as I thought Brazilian Portuguese was. I was wrong. I did a little searching round online and found an amazing program that teaches this amazing language in several different powerful ways.

This program let’s you control a video player exclusively developed to maximize your experience allowing you to learn at your own pace. Use the back button as often as you wish until you master each unit. And the translation button will help you increase your vocabulary and understanding of the Portuguese language. It will feel as if you were in a real classroom with a teacher all for yourself, available anytime, anywhere. It’s amzing how you can pick it up when it’s arranged this way.

The best part about this course is it brings you much more than a language course. Here you learn about culture, history and the customs of the Brazilian people through translation and interpretation of Brazilian songs, TV shows, commercials and even restaurant menus! The learning materials are based on specific scenarios and locations and simulate real-life conversations you’ll most likely experience in Brazil. And I cannot wait to experience some of those conversations.

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