First Mohela, now Nelnet?

by hedy on July 31, 2013

Education: Students Drown in Debt as Predatory Lenders Bank Billions (g1a2d0017c1)So, my undergraduate loans were sold to Mohela about 1 year ago. I got an e-mail yesterday saying that my Direct loans for grad school (both the Stafford and Graduate PLUS* loans) were sold to Nelnet. I have never heard anything good about them (and their gazillion soft credit pulls did not endear them to me). I’m a little annoyed-I only took out a PLUS loan because I wanted to aim for public service loan forgiveness, ha I known they would be sold to Nelnet, I might have gone private.
Anyone know anything good about Nelnet?
*Good news: I got a research position on campus, so I’ll be taking out fewer loans this year.

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