Guest post: How to Save Money While Getting Fit

by hedy on May 2, 2013

You know you need to exercise to lose the weight you want and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
However, you just don’t have the money for an expensive gym membership — and forget about
a trainer! You’d like to do the right thing, but you just can’t make it work with your budget.

You don’t have to give in to a life as a couch potato. There are plenty of ways for you to get
fit without spending a fortune. Here are a few ways that you can save money while getting in

Grow a Garden

Physical fitness starts with a good diet, and there is no better way to ensure the quality of your
food than to grow it yourself. Gardening helps you to save money while eating healthy, and it
gives you the space to get regular exercise right in your own backyard. Work in the garden a
little each day to burn off calories, then harvest some healthy produce to enjoy a meal that you
won’t feel guilty about.

Run Outside

You don’t need to have access to an expensive treadmill in order to get a good cardio workout.
All you need is a place to run — and the whole outside world is your place to run. You can run in
your neighborhood, run on local trails, and run around local lakes for some excellent scenery.
You can get all the exercise you need, and it won’t cost you a penny.

Buy a Few Pieces of Equipment

Sometimes, you need the right equipment to get the workout you need, especially for weight
training. Instead of joining a gym, you can invest in a few key pieces of equipment. The expense
may be more up front, but you’ll end up saving a lot over time — and you won’t have to deal with
waiting in line for your turn at the machine.

Get Some Workout Videos

A lot of people join the gym for the sense of community and for the leadership and inspiration
they can get from classes. You can get a small sense of this by buying a variety of workout
videos. For as little as $10 per video, you can get a diverse array of workouts that will keep your
routine fresh and keep you motivated.

Offer to Barter Services

If nothing else but the gym will do, you can still find ways to save on your membership. One of
the best ways is to offer to barter your services. Perhaps you can volunteer at the front desk a
few hours a week, or maybe you’re really good at web design and you can overhaul their site.
Brainstorm what talents you have or what services you can offer and talk with management
about what might be possible. You never know until you ask!

Getting in shape doesn’t have to be expensive. Use these simple tips to start building an active
and healthy lifestyle on any budget.

What other tips do you use to get in shape on a budget? Share your strategies in the comments!

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