Internship the second

by hedy on November 9, 2012

So, I do not know if I mentioned it before, but my grad school experience comes equipped with two internships.  The first one, which I am in now, is a basic one.  I like what I’m doing-I really like that I’m out doing what I want to be.  However, it’s almost time to start interviewing for next year’s placement.  I had an appointment set up during Sandy, so it’s been rescheduled.

I really, really want to be placed in a mental health clinic next year for my internship.  I want to learn every thing I can:  from assessments to how to bill using Invoice Template Software to the best way to file notes.  I have updated my resume, filled out my pre application paperwork, and updated my Linkedin.

I am curious to see how the clinic bills–I have been told that the best bet it is to go with a billing company, but then they take a percentage of your profits.  However, you can lose time doing your own billing as well, so who knows.

Do you have any thoughts?  Let me know in a comment, and do not forget to subscribe!

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