No credit cards?

by hedy on October 17, 2012

At school, there is a little cafe/sandwich shop near where all my classes are.  I (like all graduate students at my school) am a non-resident student, but apparently undergraduate students who live on campus can use their meal plans there.  I was grabbing something there last week, and waiting to pay.  I saw a fellow student there, wanting to check out to get lunch.  She pulled out her debit card from her wallet.  Apparently the cafe only takes cash or student debit account.  The student logically pointed to what looks like a slot to process credit cards; however, the person who works at the small cafe informed her it was only for student ID cards. As there is no automatic teller machine in that building, she had to run to the drugstore to get cash.

Although this payment policy was in effect at my alma mater, it was ten years ago (things which make me feel old: neither Facebook nor Youtube existed when I started college). I would have thought that in ten years, especially on a largely commuter campus, they would have credit card processing, especially as they are so common now. Maybe it’s coming, who knows?

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