Target Debit Card…

by hedy on September 22, 2012

TargetOne big pro of Chez Hedy is that it is spitting distance from a Target.  I LOVE the Target, but my old house is like half an hour from one.  So going to one regularly is cool (I’ve been doing a Market Basket/Target/Trader Joe’s rotation for grocery shopping).  I was a little concerned that the BUY ALL THE THINGS habits I was used to at Target would continue, but thus far I have been pretty good.  The Target card gets you 5% off on everything*, so it seemed like a good idea.  However, as I’ve had at least five hard pulls (two apartments, one credit card, two student loans) in the past three months, so I decided to go with the debit card.

*Confession:  I still think that’s MA’s sales tax.

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