by hedy on September 17, 2012

So, I started the Internship part of grad school today (having started classes last week).  Yay!  Super excited!  Of course, the usual new employee hiccups happened, along with some technical glitches.  While I am not eligible for my company’s e-mail (and thusly did not need that set up), I do need a computer workstation for my work.  There was one which had arrived but had not been set up, as my boss needed All IT Supported staff to come to set up the new computer and ensure that it works.

The IT department at my new job seems pretty on top of things.  A couple of jobs ago they were only capable of being a mediocre Computer Repair Service.  Even something as simple (even to me!) as setting up a webcam required a lot of skill.  And I have worked places where if one IT employee was out of the office, you were up a creek if you wanted Computer Help Today.

Very glad that my current location and job site is not like that. Everything seems good so far.   How is the IT department at your workplace?

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