by hedy on September 13, 2012

So, I have been settling into the new Chez Hedy for the past several weeks.  I did end up paying more in rent than I intended to for my two room studio; however, it includes heat, hot water and electricity.  I’m glad for this, because my building is a mid-century modern one with high ceilings, and I should think that the oil (costly, fossilized, politically messy) oil to heat it is prohibitive.  This way, my utilities are a set amount into my budget each month.

My building is run by a management company; however, I wonder if the owner of the building has considered the benefits of something like photovoltaic solar panels being installed on the building.  There are several reasons why this action would make sense for them as a business.  These panels would either eliminate or reduce my residence’s reliance on fossil fuel, photovoltanic solar panels have tax benefits, and it can be more cost effective than oil heating.  Also, solar panels also help create electric power.  Also, they would be a great gimmick for them to help attract new tenants.

Have you seen any places with these panels?  What did you think of them?

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