Textbook shopping update

by hedy on September 6, 2012

A few years ago, I made a post on How to: Save money on College Textbooks.  Having now textbook shopped (classes started yesterday!  Oh em gee!), I thought I’d share what I learned.  I hadn’t been shopping for textbooks since before ebooks and renting were common.  I started off checking out DealOz to compare rates.  I found that renting some books were a good buy, some not so much.  Very few of my books were available on Kindle, which disappointed me.  Similarly, none of my books were available in iBooks (although study guides for two of my texts were, weirdly enough).

I was really annoyed with Half.com during the book-buying process.  They had the lowest price a couple of times, (plus the benefit of 3% back at Sunshine Rewards.)  However, I couldn’t order from them because I needed to have a credit card approved, as my cards were expired.  Textbook rentals such as Chegg were pricey as well.

I ended up buying from Amazon (mainly used).  I figure I can use the Amazon buyback to essentially rent them if I want to get rid of them.

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