by hedy on August 19, 2012

I try to live a frugal lifestyle.  But there are some things which I cannot resist.  Perhaps the biggest one of these is popcorn at the movie theater.  Now, I love microwave or bagged popcorn, but I don’t know-that freshly popped popcorn always does something for me.  Movies, fair, even the popcorn machine at an old job is irresistible to me.  I always thought that move-theater style popcorn was not something that a normal person could make at home, but I recently discovered a great website, epopcorn.com.

ePopcorn is pretty much dedicated to the idea that you can have movie theater style popcorn in your own house (and they also have business models).  To help you achieve this goal, they have a number of popcorn machines, which range in price from $89 to $1,295.  These machines come in sizes designed for both small spaces (I wonder if I could fit one in my studio apartment, lol) and large, both with and without carts.

Once you have your popcorn maker, you have to get your popcorn.  epopcorn.com has a number of types of hulless popcorn (safer for young kids, and how you get those pretty fluffy popcorn pieces).  Seasoning packets and coconut oil can also be ordered.  To help you finish off your home popcorn experience, they sell popcorn bags and buckets.

Should all of these items sound like too much work, epopcorn has gourmet flavored popcorn as well.  I LOVE gourmet or flavored popcorn, and the flavors are really vast.  Not only are usually flavors such as Natural and Butter for sale, but more unique flavors such as Buffalo Wing N’ Blue Cheese and Black Raspberry Liqueur with Vanilla Cream.

If popcorn isn’t your bag (or bucket), this site also sells other things like cotton candy, snow cone, and pretzel machines.

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Marisa August 20, 2012 at 12:03 pm

I use an air popcorn popper machine to make movie theater (or theme park!) style popcorn. This is the one I have:


Then I melt butter. Yum yum yum. i don’t even use microwave kind anymore, this tastes like the real deal!

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