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by hedy on August 3, 2012

Also:  Loan:  check.  I finally filled out my Stafford loan paperwork for grad school.  This fact, I need to tell you, was NOT my doing.  I kept on trying to do it, but State finally sent my info to the Feds the Federal Loan People.  Even better, it is now reflected on my student account online.  Yay.  Of course, I have to wait for about October to get my first refund from this loan what isn’t put towards tuition (for rent, food, etc.).  I know that all the information states this fact and it was reviewed at orientation; however, I know how some people are.  By this statement I mean that someone will be looking at their budgeting software and notice that their refund hasn’t processed.  These people will be stunned that they need to wait for this refund and be upset that “nobody told them that.”

Sigh.  I know I inherited my father’s obsessive need to read everything he could and get all the info I can, but really?  How you not know when you are getting money?  Kind of crucial.  Sigh.  People are silly.  I think some people like being uninformed as much as I like being hyper-informed.

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Marisa August 20, 2012 at 12:12 pm

I miss the days of grad school refund checks… the real world of paying them back and having to earn my money is harsh!

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