Cashed out my stock plan

by hedy on August 2, 2012

Those of you who have been with Penny for my Thoughts from the very beginning when I did the newsworthy posts might remember that I had a stock purchase plan at one of my previous employers-the job I held when I started this blog (the fact that the over thinking to get it was pre-blog completely blows my mind.)  While my company’s stock was a pretty standard stock (although nothing exciting sounding like chemical investment banking , which makes me think of chemicals putting their money into stocks), I had been recently debating whether I wanted to cash it out before graduate school.  After reading way too much information about chemical mergers and acquisitions , Morningstar ratings, Motley Fool, and the like (as I learned in econ for dummies my senior year of college, I vastly prefer the personal part of money).

However, the fact that the cash in hand rather than on paper from the plan could pay for part of my rent, led me to cashing out my plan recently.  After the stock had time to settle, and the fee was deducted, I received my check in the mail.  I deposited it today.  Yay!  Rainy day achieved, savings there.

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