Penny for my Thoughts Review: Ustates Loans

by hedy on July 27, 2012

Payday Loans Neon SignIn the past, when I have blogged about payday loans online, I’ve taken some heat for it by people who aren’t a huge fan of the payday loan industry.  As such, when I had a chance to check out, I jumped on it.  Payday loans are not my ideal (nor are they most people’s first choice, I think).  That said, I really like how this site a)  provides the person taking the loan with a third party to help them though this process, b)gives easy access to information on how a payday loan works, and c)gives the borrower an easy to use application.  As many who take Payday loans are in a tight spot, this is great.

My main complaints about this site are due to the fact that they are a third party* payday loan provider.  Because of this fact, the most crucial question to me when it comes to a loan (namely, interest rates and a specific length of the loan) are not present on the site before I apply.  Also, I wish that the site went more into how taking such a loan could affect the borrower’s (possibly already poor) credit score.

*As frankly, the place to complain about the payday loan machine or cycles of debt or poverty is not here.

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