by hedy on July 8, 2012

So, remember how I got back from a trip to Martha’s Vineyard recently?  The people who work and reside there can be a little into the environment there (which I love, as I do much of the rest of Vineyard culture).  Know what I see a lot of when I am there that I don’t as much at home?  Solar panels on rooftops.  Yepp, a lot of private residences, time shares, condos, hotels, and businesses on Martha’s Vineyard use photovoltaic solar panels.

The fact that people use solar panels makes sense when you think about it:  I remember the old-school bumper sticker with a picture of the sun which stated that “One solution comes up every morning.”  Sadly, energy issues seem to have been hastily shoved to the back burner since the price of gas went down, but that does not change the fact that looking into forms of alternative energy and fuel is important.  While there are tax breaks which exist for those who install solar panels, I think there needs to be more support both culturally and industrially for these options.  I want to see solar panels everywhere :) .

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