True crime is fascinating

by hedy on April 18, 2012

True story:  if I or my mother ever disappear, any decent california criminal lawyer would have an utter field day on our DVR-it’s all Castle, Murder She Write, Perry Mason, and Dateline.  I was watching a story about a disappeared family on E! and they were talking about how their experts pulled some suspect stuff from their computer search history (hint:  clear your cookies before you go on the lam).

Anyway, as I had not heard of the case before (a fact which indicates how deep the crime/murder mystery problem in my household is), I hopped into my search engine of choice.  I came across a bunch of blogs with a bunch of theories:  from logical ones, to ones that sounded like utter tin-hattedness.  However, one thing that bugged me was that people too their blog theories and then put them on the sites which the families of the disappeared.  To me, it just seems like that is really tacky.  Even if your theories were correct, I do not think most caring people need to be reminded that there are folks with an internet connection (be they legal know-nothings like myself or criminal defense attorney los angeles) who believe your loved one is a murdering scam artist.

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