by hedy on March 28, 2012

Last week, I was reading my local blogs, and I saw that there had been break-ins in my corner of suburbia, namely on the next street over.  This news kind of surprised me, as we are within spitting distance of many major highways (read:  highly trafficked), and thusly aren’t what I would call high on the good target lists of criminals (not that I have experience, I just watch too much TV).

I always lock the door, but given that people were reminded in the article to lock their doors, I wonder if people were relying on their home alarm systems,  and leaving their doors open (we’re also a small town).  After reading that one attempted break-in occurred by someone smashing a window and unlocking the door, I used our chain all the time.

Given that the break-ins occurred on busy streets, my guess is that they were known robbers.  However, I have to admit that I did listen to those TV ads about buying home security systems much more closely.

No more reports have been filed, so I am thinking that whomever was behind these break-ins has been caught.  It is still important to be careful, though.

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