Guest Post: 15 Tips for Gardening On a Budget

by hedy on March 4, 2012

With Spring on the horizon it’s time to put your plans for gardening into action. With times becoming increasingly tough financially, you may be looking for creative ways to save on gardening this year. Use the 15 tips below to help you create a bountiful garden regardless of what your budget may be. Let these help let you keep cash in your pocket.
· Buy less than perfect plants. Go to your local nursery and agree to buy plants that are in less than perfect condition. While they may not agree to give them to you for free, you may luck up and get them half price. Consumers want healthy looking plants and often refuse to buy those with damaged leaves. Look at this as a opportunity to save.
· Second hand gardening tools. Your local flea market is a great place to save on gardening tools. Whether you are searching for a garden rake, a shovel, or even a nice pair of gardening gloves, you can likely find it for half price at a flea market.
· Hard work can save you money! Expensive tools can make planting easier on you but will take a big chunk out of your wallet. Instead of buying expensive tools, choose to do work on your own. A garden rake and a hoe will be expensive and do just as good of job as power tools.
· Grow from seeds. Seeds are cheaper than buying plants. Grow your own plants from seeds in an effort to save money.
· Take advantage of FREE advice. Instead of heading down to your local book store in search of books to help improve your gardening skills, choose to visit the library or use online resources instead. This information will be free which leave more cash in your pocket.
· Discount stores can be your best friend. The discount store in your area will also have a gardening section. You can find cheap planters, garden tools, and other gardening essentials at good prices.
· Make your own compost instead of buying it at the local store. Compost will help your garden grow better. Instead of spending money buying compost at the garden center, make your own. It’s a great way to get rid of excess waste and will be extremely healthy for your garden.
· Use rainwater instead of water from the faucet. Don’t run up your water bill trying keep your plants watered every day. Use buckets to collect rain water in an effort to save money each month.
· Create your own garden décor. Don’t buy expensive décor for your garden. Choose to make your own. Stepping stones are easily made from cement. Build your own birdhouse from scrap wood. Get creative and make your own garden décor.
· Reuse garden stakes and other material from last year. After your garden dies and planting season ends, don’t just throw away material. Save what you can so that you can reuse it for the next planting season.
· Don’t buy more plants than you need. When gardening on a budget, make a vow not to purchase more than you can actually use. Buying in excess will only cost you money. If you do buy more than you need, consider taking them back for a refund. Some nurseries will give a refund if the plants are not damaged.
· Take advantage of end of season sales on garden tools and accessories. At the end of every season, gardening tools and accessories will go on sale. Make sure you take advantage of these sales.
· Share with a friend. Get in on a friend’s leftovers! Whether its seeds, extra compost, or some other material, share with a friend.
· Avoid using power equipment. Power equipment can take a huge bite out of your gardening budget. Putting in the muscle work and doing it by hand will save you tons.
· Plan for next year. Always be on the lookout for ways you can save for next year’s garden. Planning ahead can help you keep cash in your pocket.
Will you allow these tips to help you save money on your garden this year? It’s time to plant!

Ashley is a freelance writer working for 1001Sundials – an online shop of decorative garden sundials and pedestal bases.

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