Penny for my Thoughts Reciew: AAA 2012 Travel Marketplace

by hedy on March 3, 2012

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attended the AAA Travel Marketplace at the Putnam Club at Gillette Stadium.  I find it interesting that Putnam (much smaller than Fidelity) renamed the clubhouse.   This was my fifth consecutive year attending the marketplace.  I have to admit that I was somewhat disappointed.  However, it is still well done.

AAA Travel Marketplace's Gator.Gator via Busch Gardens

With AAA membership and the coupon, I paid $3 to get in to the show.  If nothing else, I definitely got more than $3 in swag:  pens, candy, grocery bags, and a Car Jar.  My two biggest complains were the crowds and lack of information pertinent to me.  I went yesterday pretty much as soon as it opened (it runs through tomorrow, March 5, 2012).  This is the time I’ve gone for the past four Market Places, but this year it was considerable more crowded.  Was it the TV ads?  The ClubDeal?  Economy bouncing back?  I don’t now, but I do know there are many people in the Southern New England Area who need to learn to walk in crowded areas and stand in a queue.

I am loosely toying with the concept of a Disneyland trip soon real life has been keeping me busy, but I have an exciting announcement soon,  I found that Starwood and Best Western both had good information on Southern California hotels.  I also went over to the Disney area.  Every year, there is an incentive for booking at the show.  I have had pretty universally lousy experiences with this booking.  In 2009, my agent could not find the AAA rates in her computer.  In 2010, I wanted to book my WWoHP trip, and my agent opened with “How do I book the Harry Potter package.”  Thusly, when my agent could easily give me a quote for The Hojo Anaheim and tickets, I was pretty happy.  However, in leafing through the Disnneyland booklet, I saw that you can buy your tickets from AAA and get the bonuses of booking through AAA, even if you book your hotel on your own.  My asking how to get them led to my agent asking her supervisor, who then asked one of the Disney people.  Yeah, nothing.  Fail!

I was minorly disappointed by the fact that the animal brought by Busch gardens was a reptile and not something cute like a monkey or wallaby.  The deals were pretty good:  nice Patriots Place coupons, and info on AAA student loans.
The AAA Travel Marketplace runs Friday, March 2: 2pm – 9pm; Saturday, March 3: 10am – 6pm; Sunday, March 4: 10am – 4pm.

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