Penny for my Thoughts Review: Disney World Cash Hacks…

by hedy on February 1, 2012

When I saw Disney World Cash Hacks: 49 Hidden Tricks for Saving Tons of Cash at Disney World was available free for the Kindle on Couponing to Disney, I knew I needed to check it out.  To be honest, I was pretty cynical going in, as I feel like I’ve said and done most saving for your Disney vacation tricks at this point, but I figured it would be worth the read.

In summation, I would say that 25% of this book felt like it was cut and pasted from Mousesavers, 65% of the information was stupid or not applicable to me, and 10% was actually useful.

Among the useful tips was that you can get Disney World tickets at a discount by donating to Walt Disney Pavilion at the Florida Hospital for Children. For kind of obvious reasons, I always remember to check AAA discounts (and the book reminds you that you don’t need to book through AAA to get the discount), but I forget that AARP discounts exist (membership starts at age 50). Entertainment Book is an awesome resource.  Also, he references AmEx discounts that don’t exist anymore.

Also, I pretty much skip WDW fruit stands, but I may check them out next trip.  They also suggest staying at the airport hotel if you get in late at night; however, I’ve often found that staying at a value is cheaper.

A lot of the deals dealt with stuff off-site.  In my book, it can be kind of penny-wise, pound-foolish to those of us who stay on-site.  If wifi is so important to you that you’re driving to the library, Starbucks or Panera, you would most likely be better off shelling out for Disney internet, especially after you spend $5 for a coffee at the latter two.

It’s kind of paging Captain Obvious, but the reminder to do the math on a towncar vs the Mears Shuttle with a group is a worthwhile one.  The reminder of teacher/nurse discounts at the Swolphin are always good; however, the book missed out on reminding people of the AAA discount at Swolphin restaurants.  Similarly, I felt that the free dining mention missed running the numbers.  Going to hang out at the Boardwalk and Downtown Disney is free.  No, really?

I short, I am meh on this book.  It apparently retails for $2.99.  I wouldn’t buy it, it is free to rent with Prime, though.

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