Penny for my Thoughts Review: Go to college without going broke: 33 ways to save your time, money and sanity

by hedy on January 21, 2012

I recently picked up Go to college without going broke: 33 ways to save your time, money and sanity on Amazon (at the time, it was a free Kindle book).  As I’m currently about to start my FAFSA for grad school, and also  for my niece who will be a senior next year.

Honestly, the whole thing reads like a massive brain fart.  College books can be tough because colleges are different, but I felt like this advice was pretty blah.  He advises taking AP Classes and using CLEP tests to get credit for courses for your degree at a lower rate.  I felt that this advice was the best in the book, provided that your college accepts these credits.

However, some of his advice ranged from ill-advised to pompous.  He admits that cheap food is unhealthy.  He also has ways to get inexpensive textbooks (yay!), but then goes into concepts I find shady/would not want my niece to read.  His advice on employment has a similar range:  he suggests waitress over a retail job because of the tips, but also suggests modeling.  He lists ways to get into normal modeling,, but also recommends nude modeling.  I have heard of people who do this, and it is much harder work than he glibly makes it out to be.

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Aleksie January 21, 2012 at 9:10 pm

Depending on a variety of factors, using AP credits may not be in the best interest of the student for academic purposes. I’ve heard people talk about how they were placed in a higher class and academically struggled because they weren’t so fresh on the material or the previous class covered material much more in depth.

I think the best way to pay for college may be to do 2 years or at least 1 year at a cheaper college and then transfer elsewhere. You need to plan things out super-carefully but I think that’s probably the best way that works for most people. The second thing I see people not do is talk to financial aid.

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