No credit cards?

by hedy on December 27, 2011

I have said time and time again that I am not a big cash user.  The past couple of months, the fact that the fraud junk spread to my debit card emphasized this habit further.  Ergo, I thought that a few singles (for tips or  a pretzel) would be sufficient on a recent day trip to New York City.  I had walked from 63rd st to 42nd, and my feet hurt.  So I figured I would spring for a cab.  I saw that Grand Central Station was right ahead of me, and I figured I could easily get a cab, and I knew that they were equipped with credit card processing services.

Ha.  Wrong!  I stood and froze at the taxi station, then stood and froze on the other side of the street at the taxi stand guard’s suggestion.  No cab, but a few pedi-cabs came by and offered me a ride.  I politely explained that I did not have the cash.  I thought that they might have an on-board POS systems on their bikes.  After all, you can get one for your smartphone or tablet these days.  Nope.  Lesson learned-bring cash to New York City.  Also, don’t look for a cab by Grand Central at 5pm on a Friday.
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