Single supplements…the bain of the solo traveler

by hedy on February 13, 2010

(I am aware of the irony of posting this before Valentine’s Day, when one could argue that being single is a money-saving venture)

As I’ve mentioned time and time again on here, I am a avid traveler, and being something of an independent sort, a fan of solo travel.  Most of the time, I’m ok with knowing that I need to foot the whole hotel/taxi/what not bill.  However, I’m taking a cruise this year, which has incited my solo rage.

See, originally I was going on Cruise A with my mother.  It was a little spendy, but do-able.  However, she backed out, so I had to see what the cost would be for myself.  It was nearly double.  I’m sorry, but that’s ridiculous.  Maybe the cruiseline is losing the money on the other person, but they’re also not having to feed or entertain them.

Of course, in addition to the obvious single supplement, there’s the invisible one as well.  I noticed that a person I follow on Twitter owns Disney Vacation Club (DVC).  Now, if I ever win the lottery, or decide to do something stupid like never pay off my student loans, or never own a condo, or go to grad school, the ink would be dry on my own DVC contract quicker than you could say “Best kept secret.”  Given that said person appears reasonably young, and is in grad school, I asked her how she afforded it.  She mentioned she financed it through Disney, but also that she splits it with her fiance.  She gave me the numbers she paid, which would be doable for me, IF I had someone to split it with.  Sigh.

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