WooHoo!! I’ve lost 4 sizes!

by nicholmom3 on December 12, 2008

I have been feeling like my weight hasn’t been changing, and my weight loss has certainly slowed. However, I’ve been noticing that my jeans have been sagging a LOT and I absolutely can not go to work without wearing a belt, or everyone gets a peek at my undies.

One day last week I had a ton of laundry to finish, and I knew I had a pair of jeans in the cantainer under my bed. You know what container I’m talking about…the one filled with your favorite skinny clothes. The ones you haven’t fit into for a few years, yet you can’t bare to throw them away? I pulled out my all time favorite pair of jeans, not believing they would fit. I figured I’d just leave them unbuttoned and throw on a big sweatshirt and finish my laundry.

Would you believe that I nearly fell over when they slid right on? When I could button them with out (too much) trouble? I’ve been wearing size 12 jeans…these were a size 8. Yup, I definitely checked! I still can’t believe they fit.

Now, I’m not so disillusioned to think I could fit into an 8 off the rack. These are some seriously well worn jeans, stretched in all the right places. But the fact that those particular jeans fit? It made me so thrilled I brought both pairs to my cardio class and showed them right off!!!!

I’m working harder than ever to lose this pesky last 30 pounds, and so help me I will do it!

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December 12, 2008 at 2:16 pm

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