What in the world?

by nicholmom3 on June 30, 2008

I’m deviating a touch from my normal posts. I’m jumping on the bandwagon of current social economics, and I am joining the throngs of bloggers that say…I’m scared!

I’ve mentioned in the past how I make it a point to check the news online everyday. I’ve also gotten into the habit of scanning the paper on my lunch breaks. What I’ve been reading has me quaking in my boots, so to speak.

Everywhere you turn, disasters are prevalent. Whether they be in Sudan, Iraq, or Mississippi, there is front page news happening everyday. I can be callous and ignore the systemic killing of innocents in Darfur, but I’m not that type of person. Even if I only paid attention to what directly affects me and my family, it would appear the world was in a downward spiral.

Okay, okay, maybe I’m being dramatic. Let me give you a few examples of what has been keeping me up at night. In the Boston Sunday Globe this weekend, a large article detailed the seriousness of the situation regarding people’s heating bills here in New England. Apparently there are hundreds of THOUSANDS of people that are in the midst of having their heating shut off due to inability to pay their bills. While they don’t really need the heat on right now, they do need the gas to cook food, and take hot showers. I feel for these people, we could find ourselves in their shoes this winter. The article went on to say that if the prices of oil keep going up and up, people could be looking at a home heating bill upwards of $7K! That is insane! The past few years, people may have been forced to choose between heating and eating, but this year, the choice will be taken completely away.

The housing market is insane as well. I’ve never in my life seen so many houses up for sale, and it saddens me to see all the short sales in the paper. Just a few weeks ago, Mayor Menino of Boston set up a TROLLEY TOUR of foreclosed homes! Can you imagine? There are so many homes in foreclosure, he was hoping to incourage buyers with a freaking trolley ride of them. Meanwhile, the rent is still beyond ridiculous, and forget about buying land. The cost of residential and commercial real estate makes it difficult for anyone to get ahead. It makes me perfectly content to stay in my somewhat small, yet still affordable apartment for just a bit longer.

Let’s recap. The cost of oil is making everything cost more money, to the breaking point for some. The floods in the midwest are starting to affect the prices of fresh food, will certainly affect the cost of food this winter, not to mention the lives lost and the communities that will have to rebuild. (Something our government isn’t very good at..cough…Katrina…cough cough) The unemployment rate is skyrocketing, corporate greed is sucking the life out of workers, and everyday more Americans are dieing in the war. Didn’t I mention the funeral of Sgt.Nelson Rodriguez Ramirez? He is a 22 year old soldier who was laid to rest this weekend in his hometown of Revere. Thousands came out for his funeral, but it seems like it is becoming common place for us to read it in the papers. What does that say about us?

Are you scared yet? I am. I’m a suburban stay at home mom, trying to stretch the food budget just a little bit more. I worry about sending my kids to school, and I keep one eye out for weirdos when we are playing outside. Am I the only one that feels like the sky is slowly falling? Piece by Piece.

Sorry for the extreme rant. What I meant to be a short commmentary turned into a full head of steam. Guess I have some stuff on my mind.

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