What An Opportunity!

by nicholmom3 on November 8, 2008

I had the oddest idea this morning. I decided out of the blue that I REALLY want to see the Inauguration of Barack Obama in person. I also decided that I wanted my children to be a part of that historical day as well.

I know we could all watch it on tv, but I am a strong believer in living history. I’ve been to D.C a few times, and had once in a lifetime experiances. Where most of my peers could read about the National Cathedral, I was there, in person, for the laying of the last stone! I vividly remember that day. I remember seeing the tiny figure of President George Bush SR waaay up on the torrent of the cathedral. Those feelings cannot be found in a textbook, and I want my children to have those feelings.

Since I feel so stronly about living the history, I jumped in head first. I called all my senators and representatives, until I found one that was accepting requests for tickets to the inauguration. Tickets are free, but there are very few of them, and there are an awful lot of people that want them! I was put on the list, but I’m not worried. Even if we don’t get tickets to the Inauguration, we can go to the National Mall and watch the big screens there. Not quite the same, but it’ll do. We will also hit some of the local monuments and musuems, if we get the chance.

I’ve been searching online for a host family, as the hotel rates are insane, and nearly sold out. I’ve already heard from one family, and it sounds promising! I love the fact that there are other families out there that are willing to help out when it comes to exposing our children to historical or educational events. Keep your fingers crossed that it works out!!

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