Trouble in Laptop Land

by nicholmom3 on December 28, 2008

Oh well…I have been forced to give up my laptop. It has had one too many brushes with death, and it finally gave in.

A few days before Christmas, my 2 year old decided that mommy’s laptop looked thirsty. He started giving it a few sips of his juice box! I stopped him as fast as I could, and I thought I caught it in time, but alas…

I opened my laptop a few days later and found condensation on the screen. That’s NEVER a good sign!  Indeed, my keyboard was fried, and I was faced with a foreign screen asking me for the boot disk.

Now, I don’t know a whole lot about computers, but I know that isn’t a good thing.

My techie geek husband confirmed it when he got home from work, my laptop has bit the dust. He was able to retrieve mostly everything from the hard drive, and also saved the laptop memory that was had recently upgraded.Since I have all my documents and contacts. it wasn’t terribly hard to say good bye, but I will miss the portability of it, not to mention my favorite spot on the couch, cuddled up with my blanket. It just isnt’ the same sitting at the desk.

Next purchase??? A sweet office desk chair…this thing is killing me!

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