To Buy Or Not To Buy…

by nicholmom3 on September 2, 2008

I can’t get over the sheer number of homes for sale and rent around here. We were coming back from a family cookout yesterday and it seemed like every third house had a for sale sign on it.

To me that is a true measure of how bad this economy is getting. If people are trying to sell their homes in such a down market, when they are likely to “lose” money on the value, they must be truly in a hard place. I know people sure are looking at my husband and I as crazy that we aren’t taking advantage of the down market as first time buyers, but to be honest, I’m a bit nervous to. We haven’t bought a home because it is out of our means, and we are doing a pretty good job of living within our means at this point.

Not to say we don’t WANT a home. I sure am sick of living in an apartment! But there is room enough for us, it is close to good schools, and we live in a decent neighborhood. We make our rent and bills and are able to still take a vacation each year. Why would we change that? I certainly don’t want to go back to the days of paycheck to paycheck, just so I can say we “own” a house.

Regardless, I know there are people all over the country in financial hurt right now. Perhaps selling their home is the best they can do. If YOU happen to be selling now, or even buying, best of luck to you! We’ll be waiting out the big storm just yet.

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