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by nicholmom3 on July 6, 2008

Talk about timing. My last post was all about living green and making green items fit into your decor. I briefly mentioned how anyone can make more eco friendly choices no matter what decor style they like.

Now I come across a website that makes, get this….custom designer cat trees! Can you believe it? The best my cats ever got growing up was scrap carpet pieces stapled onto a plywood stand!

These are some beauties too. They come in all different styles, and colors. You can get them to match any kind of decor, and they have some nice eco friendly aspects as well. The pads on the sides are removable, and made of heavy woven sisal. They can be replaced with new pads, so there is minimal waste, using a highly sustainable product, and the main part of the stand doesn’t need to be replaced!

They are reasonably priced too, although expect to pay a bit for shipping. Not the ideal situation, but these seem to be a unique product, so worth the shipping in my opinion. Just be sure to minimize the eco cost by ordering a few replacement pads with your stand.

I know it seems odd for me to be writing about stuff like this, but finding unique ways of living a healthier, greener life is important to me. How else are people going to find this stuff?

Have a great night everyone!

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