Surviving The Tomato “Crisis”

by nicholmom3 on June 17, 2008

Okay, so “crisis” might be a bit dramatic, but the current situation regarding the salmonellosis outbreak has people talking. Granted, those who don’t care for tomatoes are thrilled, not having to ask for no tomatoes in their whoppers. I personally love love LOVE tomatoes, and was really stressed when I first heard of the recalls. Tomatoes play a large role in my diet, and as a vegetarian, I certainly don’t like the thought of cutting out one of my favorite veggies…errrr…fruits….well that’s a whole ‘nother post isn’t it!

I remember buying some really great looking tomatoes (on the vine thankfully) and coming home to read about the recall. I promptly called the store and asked if they had information on it. They were, at that time, unaware of the recall. Since then, I have found out that the scare does not effect every tomato. Eating grape, cherry, and on-the-vine varieties have been deemed safe. Of course, you can always grow your own tomatoes, saving the money, gas, and the threat of a recall.

There are many places where you can purchase nearly mature, and fast producing tomato plants. Even if you have no land to plant, like me, you can get a nice size tomato plant for your porch, and enjoy fresh tomatoes all summer long. I have a large plant that I bought in the spring, unfortunately it is residing at my mother’s house 50 mins away. I REALLY have to get up there!

My long winded and rambling point is, stay aware of the various news regarding food safety, and grow your own whenever you can! The stress of dealing with all these food scares is enough to parcel out a small lot and start a little garden.
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