Sorta Kinda Stay-cation

by nicholmom3 on September 28, 2010

I have been nominated as the planner of the next extended family vacation. Our family tries to go away for a long weekend in the winter for a ski trip (family meaning cousins, grandparents, ect.) and this year we are looking into a nice weeklong summer vacation. It has to meet 3 criteria.

First, it has to be accesible by both plane and driving. Those of us with kids would rather pack them into the car and drive than pay the astronomical prices for flights. My family of 5 costs upwards of $1k plus any place we fly. On the other hand, if we want our grandmother to go, she can’t sit in the car for so long. So she and my other aunts usually prefer to fly.

Second, we have to keep the costs per family under $2k for the entire week. That would include lodging, food, activities, and gas/flights. Which, I have to say, is actually pretty darn tough.

Third, It has to be some place that people can sit on their butts all day if they choose, or go out and have activities near by. I think that is the easiest criteria to meet.

So I have narrowed it down to a few places. In no particular order…
Bar Harbor, Maine/ Graham Lake cabins
Corolla, North Carolina Outer Banks vacation rentals)
and maaaayyyybe
Cape Cod (though that is in our backyard so I think we want to go further away)

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weight October 4, 2010 at 8:50 pm

i see what you did there

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