She Would Die For Her Children…

by nicholmom3 on August 27, 2008

But the will to see her children again allowed her to live.

This is one of the best stories I have seen come through the pipeline in a long time. After leaving her job as a waitress last Wednesday, a woman by the name Amber Pennell stopped at a store, and was headed home when her truck went off the road, plunging more than 80 feet into a brush filled ravine.

The fact that she survived the crash is incredible enough. Add in that she wasn’t found for 5 days, and you have a miracle on your hands. How could a person withstand a crash like that, with a fractured skull, dehydration, and hypothermia?

The answer is both simple and complicated. She wanted to see her children again.

Any mother worth her salt will read that story and know EXACTLY how Amber felt. I’ve had nightmares before of being in a life or death situation, and doing everything in my power to be with my kids. I can’t imagine actually being IN the situation. There most certainly was an angel on her shoulder.

Most mothers I know would say they would die for their children. I know I would. I also know that being with my children is integral to my living, and I too would do anything I could to see them, and be with them again.

Amber, all the best wishes in your recovery. Your children will grow up knowing that your love for them is so strong it can get you through absolutely anything.

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Anna August 28, 2008 at 3:42 am

Great post. I agree. I would endure whatever to be with my children again. It was definitely a miracle that she survived that crash.

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