Rushing the season

by nicholmom3 on October 24, 2010

I was discussing with my husband this morning retail’s tendency to rush the seasons as much as possible. They start the back to school sales in June. They put out Halloween candy in August. They put out a few token thanksgiving decorations, and overwhelm them with three rows of Christmas decorations.

My husband is guilty of doing this as well. He is counting down the days until Halloween. Not because he is excited about taking the kids out, but because he feels as soon as Halloween is over he can get on to his favorite time of the year. Me? Not so much. I’m one of hose sappy sentimental fools who feels like her kids are growing up too fast, and I want to savor every childhood moment in slow motion. If he had his way it would hop from Halloween to thanksgiving day, give a couple days for shopping and then straight on to Christmas eve. Sheesh.

Personally, I need the break between Halloween (the chocolate bonanza), Thanksgiving (the pie bonanza), and Christmas (the dinner party bonanza). Either that or I need to invest in the strongest fat burner I can find, so that my weight loss this year doesn’t get sabotaged.

This time of year I really struggle. You would think with the harvest of delicious veggies, I wouldn’t have a single problem with my weight. The opposite it true! Every delicious veggie is smothered in cream sauces, or mixed with heavy pastas, or absolutely covered in cheese. mmmm. Cheeeeeese.

Gone are the days of grilled veggies. Now I have to restrain myself from sucking up the butter sauce with a straw.

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