Protecting your family

by nicholmom3 on November 4, 2010

If you have read my blog this year, you may recall that both my husband and I revisited our insurance needs. I was able to get a great rate, while my husband was able to increase his amount while staying close to the same monthly payment.

I want to remind everyone how important life insurance is. Even if you are single, or married without children, if you have any kind of debt you should have insurance. (Better IMHO to not have the debt!)

I highly recommend finding a good insurance agent. Ask your family and friends who they use. Be sure to choose an agent who is willing to sit down and explain EVERYTHING. If you feel pushed to one type of insurance over another, walk away. Your agent should work for you, not just look for a commission. If you are generally healthy, and young, you can look online to get a quote. Try your existing insurance companies (auto, home) you may get a good deal with an umbrella plan. You can also look into sites such as Be sure to do your homework and look for consumer complaints and comments before doing any business with an online company.

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