Planning Family Friendly New Year’s Eve Party

by nicholmom3 on December 28, 2009

It is no secret amongst my friends that I don’t like taking the kids out on NYE, and there isn’t really any place else I’d rather be than with my kiddos ringing in the new year. Although Boston has a kickin’ First Night, I just can’t see taking a three year old, a seven year old, and my husband out in the freezing cold, no matter how much fun they might have. We’ve made a tradition of having our own festivities, and I think we do a pretty darn good job rocking it ourselves!

Typically we have everyone pick their favorite dish and I make it, but this year mommy needs a break, especially since I have to work until 3pm that day! So we will be joining the throngs ordering from our favorite Asian place for our main meal. We also enjoy chocolate fondue, so I’ll be digging out the fondue set this week. We have champagne for the adults, and sparkling cider for the kids. Our other traditions include watching the local fireworks from the back of the truck, with lots of blankets and a big jug of hot cocoa. That is as far as I will take them out, and we skedaddle back home quickly enough. Beyond that, we all will call our oldest at midnight (he will be with bio-mom this year ;() to sing happy birthday, and then the kids will pass out shortly thereafter and we will take the annual silly photos with them each sleeping with the bottle of sparkling cider. Giggle……

I am excited about adding a new tradition to the list. We are keeping our tree up through NYE this year, and I am turning it into a Fortune Tree. I am going to find some trinkets with some good fortune meaning behind them and wrap them up like little presents. Then I will hang them on the tree, and at midnight everyone will pick one off and see what the fortune is! I will also be having everyone write wishes on long pieces of ribbon that we can tie onto the branches. We are going to leave the wishes tied to the tree so that when we haul it out next year we can see if everyone’s wishes came true.

What does your family do on New Year’s Eve?

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