Peanut Recalls Disturbing

by nicholmom3 on February 5, 2009

That’s it. I am moving out to a giant farm, growing my own spinach, tomatoes, and peanuts.

Every time┬ásomething else is recalled, I’ll add it to my farm.

Seriously? How are we supposed to know what to feed our families? I question every bite that they put in their mouths. Is this healthy enough? Are they getting enough vitamins, protein, omega 3′s? Yet it seems like even the healthy foods are being tarnished. I still buy my tomatoes on the vines, even though that scare has been long over. I am religious about washing my triple washed spinach, but how are you supposed to protect against the evils of peanut butter? Shall I scoop out all the goop from the jar, boil the hell out of it, and then let the kids eat it?

Really, we rely on the FDA to tell us when foods are safe to put into our bodies. Maybe that is naive of us, but still it is the reality. Besides the financial industry, I think the FDA needs a serious overhaul. Do these inspectors let THEIR kids eat peanut butter? That would be interesting to see.

I propose we inspect the food diaries of each and every inspector responsible for giving the go ahead for these foods. I am guessing their homes have been peanut butter free for a while. What WHERE they thinking? Sure, salmonella is present, but if you grease my palm enough I’ll let it slide. After all, this peanut butter is only going to our most vulnerable places, nursing homes, hospitals, and hmmm, what was that other place? Oh yeah…our SCHOOLS.

But hey, no worries, right? Tell that to the 8 or 9 people that have already lost their lives. Tell that to their families. I hope the punishments are swift and severe for the a-holes responsible for this mess.

Whew. Apparently I had something to get off my chest!

* Note to all: I added this nifty little widget box——————–>>>>>> where you can check on the full list of peanut recalls as being tracked by the ever so wonderful FDA. Trust what you will.

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