Our Family Trip, Part 1

by nicholmom3 on June 18, 2008

This summer our big family trip will be to Ellsworth, Maine for one week in July. I’m really excited because we are going back to the same lake that my parent’s took my sister and I every summer of my childhood. While the cabins we used to stay at are gone, my parent’s actually found the same area where they went for thier honeymoon, and we are staying in the same area.

The property has wood cabins, surrounded by beautiful forest, and are situated right on Graham Lake. My family will have one cabin, and my parents are sharing a cabin with my dad’s cousin. The week will be filled with hiking, swimming, nature walks, and of course, fishing up the wazoo. My dad and cousin LIVE for this trip, and are typically out on the boat around 5 am, come back for lunch, and then head out again for a few more hours. They normally do this for the whole trip, with the exception of a few day excursions to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park.

My days are now filled with planning, since that is my favorite pasttime! I spent nearly a year planning our disney trip, putting in hours a day. I’m not kidding when I say I’m a planner. What I am NOT, however, is a vacation nazi. I like having my days planned out, but I am completely open to change as well. I know that sounds strange, but there is a method to my madness.

You see, my family has a strange makeup. We have a 32 year old male who is a brittle diabetic, so I need to plan REALLY well for that. I have to make sure we have medication in a cooler, backup supplies, glucose sources, and he is sensitive to heat and extreme exercise, so that needs to be taken into thought as well. I always have to have snacks on hand, and meals planned. We also have a vegetarian (me!) as well as 3 kids ranging from age 12 to 22 months. Go ahead…YOU try going on a vacation all willy nilly with these variables! Let me tell you, the time I invest planning the vacation allows me to enjoy the vacation.

So far we haven’t nailed down a “schedule” since apparently I’m the only one in the group who is into that, but my mom is an awesome help, and I know she “gets” my neurosis. We are looking to go to Acadia Nat’l park a few times, Bar Harbour, and maybe a few little islands. I look forward to keeping you all up to date!

Countdown to Maine: 23 days!
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hedy June 18, 2008 at 7:52 pm

How about a day trip to LL Bean/Freeport?

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