Our Family Trip: Ellsworth Maine Part II

by nicholmom3 on June 18, 2008

Do you have arthritis, high blood pressure, joint stiffness, decreased circulation, eczema , or acne?    These are just a few of the symptoms that far infrared saunas will improve.  What is the difference in an infrared sauna and the traditional Finnish saunas? The infrared saunas do not use steam (which heats the air and the user), but uses infrared radiation to directly heat the user.  Since the skin is the largest organ of the body,sweating regularly in an infrared sauna can help decrease the toxins in the body and improve health and overall vitality.

The West Coast Far Infrared Sauna helps to improve:  fibromyalgia, weight loss, cancer therapy, cardiovascular health, and pain and swelling.  This would help a huge number of people with just these few ailments.

One of the things that really spoke to me was that these saunas help with chronic ear inner ear infections by opening nasal passages and assisting the sinuses in draining which reduces infection of the middle ear.  My kids have had chronic ear infections since birth.  I am definitely going to look into one of these for our family.

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