Ooooh Mama’s MAD at Disney!

by nicholmom3 on August 19, 2010

Yes, I know the show aired in 2008. Yes I realize that there is probably a positive message at the end of the show. I’m talking about a certain Hannah Montana episode.

This particular episode is all about how Miley sticks a FORK in her MOUTH and breaks a filling. Then her and her daddy discuss how AFRAID of the dentist she is! (Have I mentioned I’m a dental assistant before??)

In between the dentist parts, Oliver is going out with a vegetarian, and he and Lili talk about how bland and nasty vegetables are. (have I mentioned I’m a vegetarian??)

Flash back to the dentist, who is ANCIENT….and starts to give Miley an injection, which she sees as a 3 foot needle!!! Way to broadcast a positive image for dentist hating, veggie despising children.

Hey, after all, if Hannah is deathly afraid of the dentist, my seven year old should be too!!!


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