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by nicholmom3 on August 16, 2010

Since I work full time, I’ve had to pack 4 lunches. I’ve tried the route of making the hubs and the teenboy make their own lunches, but that ended up with a slice of cheese between two slices of bread, or tuna out of the can. Not the most well rounded meal for either of them. Meanwhile my daughter and I would have properly portioned proteins, carbs and sweets. Since I love my family equally, I had to figure out a way to make lunch for all of us.

I have a short list of go-to lunches that I prepare ahead of time. Usually Saturday is shopping day, and Sunday is prep and cook day. I do tend to have a bit of a “bento” mindset when it comes to preparing for lunches all week. It makes it far easier to pack multiple lunches with healthy filling food. Since my kids aren’t the most adventurous eaters I stay away from the typical bento foods like quails eggs and fishy flavored rice. I focus more on making Americanized foods healthier, and sized for the containers.

I frequently make pinwheel sandwiches for my 7 year old, changing the fillings so it doesn’t bore her. Color is the key here, I am pretty confident she eats most of the lunch if it looks fun. I usually take extra time with her’s, using cookie cutters to cut shapes out of various breads and veggies. She rarely brings home leftovers. For my teen, I wouldn’t dare go cute. He’d rather starve. So he gets the small pita rounds, cut in half and filled to overflowing. Manly meats and veggies fill his sandwiches, with not a broccoli tree in sight.

My husband and I are usually just leftovers separated into our lunch portions the night before. Rarely do I not make enough dinner that we don’t have at least one lunch for the next day. Both of us also eat lunch out one day a week, on different days, so that helps. I also have a four day work week so that also cuts down on the prep.

Keep an eye out in the next few weeks and I’ll keep up my list of foods. Now that the kids are heading back to school I need to get back in the swing of four lunches a day. Just one more thing I have to add to the list!

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