Maine Trip Diary

by nicholmom3 on July 11, 2008

Okay, so the title is a tad off. We haven’t even left our house yet, but since MY vacation officially started at 12:32 am this morning (when I punched out at work) I’m jotting it all down.

This morning started rough, not going to lie. My husband suffered a diabetic low blood sugar and slept through the alarm. I woke him, and went back to sleep as he got in the shower. I woke again a little while after to find him back in bed! He really had a rough time getting his glucose back up to a normal level.

The kids were absolutely wild at 6:30 am. Now, I am the farthest thing you’ll find from a morning person. My kids know not to wake me up until I’m good and ready, especially after such a late night at work. Between their party noises and making sure my husband didn’t pass out, I didn’t get much sleep. Needless to say I’m a tad grumpy.

Onwards! I have to wait for one more load of laundry to be done for the bathing suits, and then I should be able to pack up the truck. I totally forgot to ask my neighbor to grab my mail, so I’ll have to ask my landlord. He also is taking care of my plants for the week, so I’ll owe him a favor or two.

Last to be packed are my personal activities for the week. I am bringing my laptop to work on my website,  a bunch of reading material from Amazon books, and a small scrapbook project that I don’t have any hopes of working on.

I’ve downloaded the GPS maps, worked on emergency games for the bored kids in the car, and checked all my email.

Next stop, my parent’s house! I won’t really make a whole post about it…unless something GOOD happens.

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