Maine Trip Diary: Day 2…Let’s hit the lake!

by nicholmom3 on August 8, 2008

Our second day (first full day) began with me waking before anyone else. Anyone who knows me can tell you that is a miracle in itself, as I am soooo not a morning person.

I french pressed myself a mug of yummy Kopalani coffee (sniff…all gone now!) and quietly made my way down to the shore to watch the sunrise. I had my journal, my Canon Powershot,and my mug o’ coffee goodness. The lake was smooth as glass and I fought the urge to see if I could walk on it…seriously, it was that smooth! The sun rose and cast beams off the lake water, and I swore this was heaven. There is true beauty on this earth, and I rarely have time to enjoy it.

I wrote a few articles in my journal, took a few pictures, and by the time I was done, my children were making enough noise to shatter any idea of peace I had. After making my brood breakfast, we made plans for the day. The kids were still hankering to get out on the boats, and I admitted to being a bit eager to get out there myself.

My dad took mom, me, and the two little ones in his boat, and my cousin Bill took my husband and oldest son in his. I have the cutest video of the two kids waving and just being generally thrilled to be in a boat. We cruised off to one of my dad’s favorite fishing coves, where the primary mission was to have the kids catch their first fish. Chris hit first, and we were starting to get a bit discouraged for Livvy when she finally pulled in a white perch! It thrilled her to pieces and scared the bejeesus out of the baby. We only lasted about an hour and a half before the baby lost interest and started getting fussy.

After our little excursion, everyone settled down for a rest. The baby took a nap, the older kids fished off the docks, and us grown ups chillaxed on the porch with icy cold beers. (This turns out to be a recurring event all week). We made general plans for the next day, and for dinner. While the baby was napping, mom and I took ourselves off to walmart so I could get my fishing license. Dad and Bill stayed behind to rig up all the poles for when we went out for the full day, later that week.

The day ended quietly. The kids had made friends and smores, the adults had put away a 12 pack, and we were loving life.

Next up: Acadia National Park, or Daaaahhhhhhhhmn that water is cold!

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