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by nicholmom3 on August 24, 2008

Hey, isn’t that a movie? No, seriously, my best friend is getting married for the 2nd time.  She married a very controlling and mean guy the first time who cheated on her with a friend of theirs.  He was a real jerk to put it nicely.

Now she is engaged and due to get married at the end of February.  Although I want her to be happy, I must admit I have mixed feelings about it.  She has only known and dated the guy for about 7 months now.  She is such a sweet person, but is often taken advantage of by guys that I always worry.

I know she is an adult and as a friend I have to step back and wish her well.  I did throw her my “are you sure”, “it worries me” issues out to her, but she assured me all was well.  I definitely do not want to ruin our friendship by pushing the issue.  She seems genuinely happy which is great.  I guess I am like a mother hen.

The wedding invitations have gone out and wouldn’t you know it, I am not able to get off work.  With all of the cutbacks, I cannot get someone to cover for me, they actually have to switch shifts and no one wants my shift. 

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